Hot Wheels added two Tesla Cybertruck models, one with a “broken” window

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Hot Wheels added two Tesla Cybertruck models, one with a "broken" windowDuring the 2020 New York Toy Fair Mattel and Hot Wheels added several new models. Two of them are of the Tesla Cybertruck and one is quite cheeky.

When Tesla unveiled the actual Cybertruck, Elon Musk accidentally smashed the window during a test to show how tough it is. As you can imagine, the incident immediately became a global meme.

Hot Wheels added two models of the Cybertruck. One of them is a classic 1:64 scale Hot Wheels for $20. It’s pricier than normal Hot Wheels, because it’s an R/C model.

If that’s a bit steep, than the hobby-grade model is in scale 1:10 and costs $400. It’s also R/C. This one features all-wheel drive, functioning tail- and headlights, working suspension and more.

It has two driving modes – Chill and Sport. The Sport mode ups the top speed to 25mph. And this is also the version that has a “broken” window. It’s actually just a decal, which you can remove and have a pristine Cybertruck.

There’s also a limited edition version will also have a removable exterior to check out the detailed interior. This one was capped at 500 units and sold out.