Hot Toys reveals a new, incredibly realistic Wonder Woman action figure

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Hot Toys reveals a new, incredibly realistic Wonder Woman action figureThe new Wonder Woman movie gets well deserved praise for being very good. And as the character enjoys more popularity, this also means some great new toys.

Hot Toys for example decided to make its first ultra realistic action figure especially for Wonder Woman. What’s so special about the new action figure?

For example, the fact that it has no visible joints or seams. Yet, the action figure has articulated joints and can move and strike poses with ease.

This new Wonder Woman action figure rocks training armor and comes with a Themyscira backdrop, sword with the pedestal and a bow with arrows. Also, you get the shield and a few sets of extra hands which can be changed so the figure can hold the different items.

Wonder Woman in Training Armor is now available for preorder over at many online retailers. It will be pricey, but an absolute must for Wonder Woman fans and action figure toy collectors.

If this new so-called skin-over-frame design holds up and doesn’t tear with time, it can start a whole new chapter in the history of action figures. And even if it doesn’t, with time toy designers will for sure figure out how to make the “skin” even stronger. So, welcome to the new world of action figures.