Hospitals get thousands of teddy bears as donations for the holidays

Hospitals get thousands of teddy bears as donations for the holidaysHospitals around the world get ready for the coming holidays. They are about to get thousands of teddy bears and stuffed animals as donations for children.

The Pediatrics Unit of Kingston General Hospital says there is an immeasurable impact of giving teddy bears to children who are patients. The hospital has a special project called the KGH Auxiliary’s 2016 Teddy Bear Campaign.

It’s inspired by a three-year-old girl who was diagnosed with multiple issues within the first week of her life: Down syndrome, congenital cataracts, and congenital heart defects. Just a week ago, Pip underwent her tenth surgery since then, and, as her mother Tara McCallan said to the Kingston Heritage: “we walk these hospital halls all the time, and I know these hallways inside and out.”

Teddy bears love to help

“A significant moment for me in KGH was during one of Pip’s many surgeries. We’ve had some really scary moments, and one time… you know, things were really sketchy and we weren’t sure how things would turn out. And I remember feeling just so scared,” McCallan said at the launch of the 2016 Teddy Bear Campaign.

“Then, all of a sudden, someone came and delivered one of these bears, and my little girl lit up… I remember feeling like it was such a boost of strength that strangers, other people, thought to do this. ”That moment inspired an initiative that would later become part of McCallan’s Happy Soul Project: Kick-it Capes. These personalized superhero capes are delivered to children battling cancer through Happy Soul Project, and have now been given to about 4,000 children worldwide”, McCallan said.

“By sponsoring a bear for $100, you will help enhance the care to the children through the purchase of new pediatric equipment,” Alberta Saunders, KGH Auxiliary Teddy Bear Committee expressed, noting that this year’s bear is named Huggle. “As an added bonus, you can provide comfort and companionship to children who are receiving treatment in the pediatric program in the form of a cuddly teddy bear.”

The 2016 Teddy Bear Campaign runs until Wednesday, Dec. 21 with the goal of raising the $20,000 necessary to purchase the equipment, through the sponsorship of 200 teddy bears.