Hong Kong designer introduces a plush Apple Mac computer

Hong Kong designer introduces a plush Apple Mac computer
Image credit: Philip Lee

Stuffed animals and plush toys in general come in various forms. Now, there’s even a plush toy computer. And it’s a model of a true classic.

Toy designer Philip Lee from Hong Kong makes some interesting toys. Recently he introduced his plush Apple Macintosh computer, CultofMac reports.

The toy is 12-inches tall and uses a lot of the design cues from the classic 1980s Apple Macintosh computer. It also comes with movable limbs and pixelated “display”.

That “display” actually is a velcro pad. And you have a total of six of them, so that you can create different expressions for your plush Mac.

Of course, it’s just a plush toy and not a real computer. But it does look like one, for sure. And it’s a great gift to Apple fans and a nice add for stuffed animal collections. After all plushies too love technology.

The plush Mac is already up for pre-order. The price is $67 and shipping should begin from April 2020. Lee is also already working on another “gadget” – the iBoy – a plastic representation of the original iPod with earpods for ears and pose-able magnetic limbs.