Holiday toy sales actually fell this year

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Holiday toy sales actually fell this yearThe toy market has had a bad year in 2018. The demise of Toys R Us brought a lot of issues and opportunities. But so far it seems the issues prevail.

New data from UBS shows that retailers couldn’t capitalize good enough on the closure of Toys R Us, Seeking Alpha reports. It turns out the toy retailer was way to important for the US toy industry.

Target, Amazon and Walmart fought hard for attracting Toys R Us customers. But it seems it wasn’t enough.

UBS says toy sales in the US fell “at a high-single digit percentage” in the fourth quarter. The two weeks before Christmas also fell to provide as big of a boost in sales they normally do.

So far, there’s no clear data. It seems though that after a few years of continuous growth, the toy market now has reached the current peak. This means that it’s not up to the retailers, but the toy makers to find out new and exciting toys to offer.