Hilda is a new Netflix series which hopes to become a toy success

Hilda is a new Netflix series which hopes to become a toy successGone are the days where only TV shows could have toys. Now online shows sometimes are even more popular. That’s what the new Netflix series Hilda also wants.

Hilda debuted on Netflix on September 21st. It’s an animated series which is available in over 130 countries on the Netflix global platform from the start.

“Hilda brings audiences into a richly imagined and beautifully animated world filled with fantasy and adventure and we are incredibly excited about its potential for licensing,” said Ron Allen, EVP commercial at Silvergate Media to ToyNews.

The series features some big names voicing the characters. Bella Ramsey plays Hilda. Grimes has made the theme song. “The 2D animation follows the adventures of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her home in a magical wilderness of elves and giants, to the bustling city of Trolberg”, ToyNews adds.

Both Netflix and Silvergate Media have high hopes for Hilda. They have already started to work on several toys, inspired from the series. Among them are toys, collectables, stationery and gifting. Hilda will also join the New York Comic Con and there will also be a TV tie-in book by Nobrow. All companies hope to launch Hilda items and toys globally. That’s the power of the Internet for you.