High school senior gathers over 1000 stuffed animals for charity

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High school senior gathers over 1000 stuffed animals for charityHigh school senior Ruby Smith has managed to gather over 1000 stuffed animals for charity for kids who have suffered various types of trauma. Smith had a senior project at Model school in Richmond.

She wanted to research the topic on how stuffed animals can help to treat children who have been traumatized. Ruby had noted that there are studies which prove this to be the case. So she wanted to explore the topic in detail.

As she was researching, Ruby decided to expand her project. She started a toy drive at her school. The idea was to collect a few new or gently used stuffed animals which she can donate, the Richmond Register reports. Pretty soon her project expanded into something a lot bigger.

Ruby created flyers to announce her charity initiative. Then she spoke to classes in order to get them involved in donating. She even promised a pizza party to the class which donated the most stuffed animals. Finally, the young student got in touch with local agencies to which to provide the collected stuffed animals.

Her efforts paid off. She did get a donation every day. And not simply one or two stuffies. Ruby averaged about 100 donations a day. After the school closet was full with all kinds of stuffed animals, she started storing them at her home. In the end, there where over 1000 plushies from all shapes, sizes, brands and fabrics. All of them ready to bring some much needed smiles and joy to children in need.

In the end stuffies made it to several charity organizations like the Salvation Army, God’s Outreached, Hospice of Bluegrass. As a thank you, Ruby is now working with the school management to give all students a Pajama Day for their efforts and generosity. The top donating class will still be getting the promised pizza party, as well. There is one beautiful way to become very popular at school and do a lot of good for many children in need at the same time. Well done, Ruby!