Here’s why your dog bites your stuffed animals (more science)

Here's why your dog bites your stuffed animals (more science)Your dog keeps biting your stuffed animals? No matter what you do you can’t solve this problem? Science says it is because your dog loves you too much and it is a bit jealous.

You see, you are everything to your dog. You are his or hers whole world and they love you very much. Maybe even a little bit too much. This makes it a bit difficult for them to handle their emotions sometimes and they get a bit jealous when you play with toys too much so they bite your stuffed animals.

According to a research of the University of Tokio, dogs are emotionally connected to their owners, reports The Telegraph. The University took 25 dogs and had them watch their owners yawn and then strangers yawn. Dogs yawned more in response to their owners, but less when a stranger did it.

But even more on point, the University of California in San Diego ran a study in which it looked to find out the exact reactions of a dog to a stuffed animal. The University looked at 36 dogs react to their owners play with a pop-up book, then a jack-o’-lantern and then a realistic stuffed animal.

Only 22 per cent of the dogs gave some reaction to the pop-up book and 42 per cent didn’t really like it when their owners player with the jack-o’-lanntern. But then a whopping 78 per cent of the pooches got upset when their owner started playing with the realistic stuffed animal. Nearly a third of them tried to separate the owner from the toy by placing themselves between them. A quarter of the dogs actually bit the stuffed animals.

But what if your dog does not pay too much attention to your stuffies? Does that means your dog doesn’t love you? No. It’s just not getting jealous or it has been taught well.

Yes, it is possible to teach your dog not to bite your stuffed animals. Sadly this is done at young age, where the pup is still getting to know the world. You can show him or her that you don’t appreciate it when your stuffies are bitten. Because the dog loves you, it will honor your request so to speak. But you should thank your pooch by spending some more quality time together. This is all a dog wants from you after all.