Here’s why you shouldn’t give up your stuffed animals

Here's why you shouldn't give up your stuffed animalsSome people will say that grown ups have to give up their stuffed animals and leave them to the kids. We are here to show you why you shouldn’t do that.

There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t give your stuffed animals away. Sometimes you don’t even realize them. You just want to have your stuffies out in the house and you may even cuddle with them from time to time.

Or maybe you’re a proper arctophile and you really like your stuffed animals. Maybe you’re even a great stuffed animal owner. But do you fully realize why?

More often than not it is because stuffed animals give you a subcontious reminder of your childhood. Just buy looking at your favorite stuffies you are instantly reminded of the great times you had as a kid. Or maybe you simply still feel like a kid. Both reasons are good enough to keep your stuffies.

Often people build a connection with their stuffies. For them they are more than just a soft toy. They are a friend. They are always there. You can rely on them for comfort, for warmth in the cold nights. Or simply to feel some love in a tough moment. Stuffies are always at your side.

Sometimes stuffed animals actually have a more important role. They act as a replacement for a child abroad or grown up. In Japan there’s actually a robotic stuffed animal baby seal that acts as a companion for elderly people. The seal moves and makes noises when it needs attention. It has been described as a great way for elderly people to have something to take care for and not worry about taking a real pet out or cleaning after it and feeding it.

You sure share some great memories with your stuffies. And you shouldn’t simply give them up. This is your hobby and you should be proud. Have fun and don’t give up your stuffed animals.

Instead make some accessories like a room or a hammock. Or maybe create a stuffie or two.