Here’s why honey comes in bear-like jars

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Here's why honey comes in bear-like jarsBears usually are associated with teddy bears and other toys. But they are also famous for often being the jars used for honey. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Reader’s Digest has found out why and how bears became a symbol for honey. This dates back to 1957 in California.

There were two beekeeping couples there who knew each other and were friends. They were often brainstorming ideas how to raise sales.

Eventually, they found gold. They remembered that everyone knows that bears like honey. During that time Winnie the Pooh was also very popular. And sadly, his creator A.A. Milne had passed away a year before that. So, Winnie the Pooh was everywhere.

Another reason was, yes, teddy bears. The two couples noted the rising popularity of teddy bears everywhere. So, the rest seemed easy and simple. Why not simply make a squeezable bear to hold the honey?

Later that same year one of the couples’ company, Dutch Gold, debuted the bottle / jar. Their two daughters hand-painted the noses and eyes on each bear bottle of Dutch Gold. And it became an instant success.

The family never patented the bottle thus allowing other honey makers to use the style, too. This is why today you can see so many honey bear jar variations. And their popularity is as high as ever. Just as the one for Winnie the Pooh and teddy bears. Still, being too popular might not always be good.