Here’s the plan for the Toys R Us comeback

Here's the plan for the Toys R Us comeback
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

It seems that Toys R Us is indeed coming back. And it’s planning to make quite the impression all over the globe. It’s going to be quite interesting.

According to new information by Yahoo Finance, Toys R us and Babies R us will come back. And there’s already a plan in place to do so.

The plan features the retention of existing global license agreements along with new options. It also envisions to “invest in and create new, domestic, retail operating businesses”.

In short, this means that Toys R Us retains all of its intellectual properties and partnerships which are still valid. It also plans to create new stores both in the US and internationally. A third step is to continue developing its own private brands, too.

Another key point is that the revived company will take a bit of time to set up. It will probably miss this year’s holiday shopping season.

Would the revived Toys R Us return in full swing with 800 stores and thousands of jobs? Probably no. Most of the stores were sold or the leases ended. So, at first Toys R Us will definitely start at a smaller scale, but if customers’ interest continues after the initial frenzy, it could expand more.