Here’s how to celebrate Halloween with your stuffed animals

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Here's how to celebrate Halloween with your stuffed animalsHalloween is upon us! If you are scared, then hug your stuffed animals! If you want to have a party, don’t forget to take your stuffies, too.

Stuffed animals are an ideal companion for many occasions, including Halloween. But while stuffies are often seen as protectors from scary monsters, they have no problem to turn into one for a special occasion… when it is meant to have fun that is. Halloween is the ideal day of the year to let your stuffies explore their inner monsters and join you in the celebrations.

There are several ways how to celebrate Halloween with your stuffed animals. Let’s explore them now. For example the first and most obvious way is to dress up your stuffies, too. While you can have them dress up in a costume, you can turn them into the Halloween monster. In order to do that you simply have to dress them up in a couple of old, torn up clothes, pin some red fabric cutouts to mimic blood and they could become really scary stuffed animals.

If you are especially pleased with how your plush friend has turned out in its costume, then why not take him or her on the trick-or-treat trip? If you are planning a Halloween themed party, you can also take him or her with you. This would be especially fun if the stuffed animal somehow completes or adds up to your costume. For example you are Batman and the stuffie is dressed as Robin, or the Scarecrow or even the Joker. Use your creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even go both dressed as Batman and have your stuffed friend be your Mini-me. Or you can have a mini-ghost chasing you if you cover your stuffie with a blanket or a napkin with cut-outs for the eyes.

Scary looking stuffed animals can also be a part of the home decorations. If you have a big enough plushie, have it sit behind a pumpkin as if it is holding it. It can be dressed in a scary costume too, although the sight of a cute looking stuffie holding a scary pumpkin would be enough to weird out most people. The stores now are full with Halloween-themed stuffed animals, too, so you can quickly add a new stuffie to your collection and at the same time use it as part of the decorations or go to the party with it.

If you want to be especially creative keep your stuffed animal as-is with no costumes or modifications. Instead YOU dress up as close to it as possible and then carry it around like you are its big twin brother or sister. Now that would make you the hot topic of the evening. Remember, Halloween is about having fun, so don’t get upset if you can’t find the perfect costume. It’s the thought and the fun that counts.