Here’s how a stuffed koala helps to weigh a real one

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Here's how a stuffed koala helps to weigh a real one

We’ve said many times that real animals also love stuffed animals. Here is a new viral video of a stuffed koala being used to weigh a young real one.

The San Diego Zoo published a video of a 9 month old koala joey being introduced to a stuffed koala. The idea is to keep the real koala on the scale in order to be weighed.

To be completely honest the young koala, which doesn’t have a name yet, seems to prefer the hug of his human friend. After his weekly health check, the koala was returned to his mother.

“This little guy is healthy and right on track with his development. He has only been out of the pouch for about eight weeks, and we’re learning he is very vocal with a little bit of attitude — definitely a momma’s boy, but also showing his independence by venturing off from mom from time to time and interacting with some of the other females in the habitat”, senior zookeeper Jennifer Roesler said in a blog post.

Even if he doesn’t keep his attention on the stuffed koala for long, it is still a cute sight of both a stuffed koala and a real one. Enjoy the video.