Here are the top toys for 2017

Here are the top toys for 20172016 was qute the year for toys. But 2017 is going to be even bigger. This is mostly because there are a lot of toy-themed movies coming.

Jim Silver of TTPM says to Bradenton that in 2017 there are about 20 movies coming which have major merchandise programs. Usually it’s about 8 movies per year.

And when we look at the movie calender, most of these 20 films are quite big. We have new Transformers andĀ Spiderman. Disney will relase a live-action version of the classic Beauty and the Beast.

The movies are spread throughout the entire year. This means parents might have a tough time. Still, there are ways to negotiate which toys will make the cut.

Also in 2017 there will be one huge comeback. Teddy Ruxpin is returning in a new form. The classic interactive teddy bear is coming back updated for the 21st century. Analysts and toy fans expect it to be a huge hit, possibly even overshadowing the Hatchimals. Of course, this is if the new Teddy Ruxpin works well and isn’t as creepy as the original.

Other interactive toys might also make the cut. The market hasĀ a lot of potential. LEGO should also have a good year, since it has its LEGO Batman movie coming. So, brace yourselves. There are a LOT of toys incoming.