Here are the hottest toys for this summer

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Here are the hottest toys for this summerThe summer is almost here and the toy market is ready for it. It’s a big time for toys and this year there will be plenty to choose from once again.

FOX Business has found out which are going to be some of the hottest toys this summer. 20% of yearly toy sales happen during the summer, so it’s going to be busy.

As you can imagine, the fidget spinners are going to lead the trends. They are also the surprise of the year, kind of like the Hatchimals were last year.

No one saw the fidget spinner craze going so strong so fast. But now it’s expected to last at least for the summer.

Another summer toy trend is Elmer’s glue and Nickelodeon Slime Super Slimy. The latter is redone with a new formula, too.

Movies will also drive a lot of the toy market during the summer. With Wonder Woman just hitting the cinemas, the movie will lead in the summer with action figures. And there’s a lot more to come like Spider-man: Homecoming and Cars 3. Role play toys will also get a boost out this. Some stuffed animals, too, like the Gund Wonder Woman plush bunny for example.

LEGO will also enjoy the increased attention with several new sets. Outdoor toys will also join. Sports toys will get a boots with Funrise’s Giant Gazillion Bubble Mill and Water Warriors Outlaw Water Blaster. There are a lot of other toys out there, too. Some of them might pull another “fidget spinner” and become an unexpected trend. So, it will be a fun time for all fans of toys.