Here are the finalists for the 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame

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Here are the finalists for the 2017 National Toy Hall of FameThe finalists for the 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame are here! This year there are several classic and new toys fighting for the honor.

The 12 finalists will compete for 2 to 3 places which will add them to the National Toy Hall of Fame. The vote will be on Nov. 9 2017.

There are 62 toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester already. According to the the museum’s website, toys began being inducted into the hall of fame in 1998. Some of the first toys inducted were Barbie, Marbles, Legos and Crayola Crayons.

About this year’s finalists, according to the National Toy Hall of Fame:

Clue: The game that challenges players to solve a murder was introduced in 1947 and remains one of the top 10 best-selling board games of all time.

Magic 8 Ball: Over the past 70 years, millions of people have posed questions and waited for a floating “ask again later,” ‘‘signs point to yes” or other answer.

Matchbox Cars: The miniature cars debuted in 1952 and by 1960 were selling at a rate of 100 million a year. They remain a top seller for Mattel.

My Little Pony: The miniature pastel ponies were introduced in the 1980s and reintroduced in 2003. They outsold Barbie for several years at their peak.

Paper airplane: Leonardo DaVinci may be among the most famous to make flying machines out of paper, writing about it in the 15th century.

PEZ: What began as a breath mint in 1927 was transformed into a small brick of candy dispensed by a collectible mechanical box featuring pop-culture characters.

Play food made of various materials has been filling the plates at pretend tea parties and picnics for generations.

Risk: The war and strategy board game was published in the United States in 1959. Its innovative mechanics ignited renewed interest in strategy games in the 1970s.

Sand: Historians believe even the earliest humans played in the sand, and records from the 1800s document the building of sandcastles and other sculptures.

Transformers: The mid-1980s line was marketed with an elaborate back story supported by a Marvel comic book series, cartoon series, animated movies, electronic games and goods including its own cereal. The latest movie was released in June.

Uno: Easy to learn and quick to play, the card game has players dispose of the cards in their hands.

Wiffle Ball: The perforated plastic ball has been batted and thrown since 1953. Inventors determined that eight oblong slots provided the best performance.