Here are some safety tips for fidget spinners

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Here are some safety tips for fidget spinnersFidget spinners are enjoying a lot of popularity right now. Sadly, there are a few problems with them, so the Toy Association has some safety tips.

The Toy Association issued a release with additional tips. The reason – a lot of kids and adults are going crazy over the toys.

The fidgets are meant to bring your stress levels down and help you feel better. But things can go wrong.

So, the Toy Association has some tips. First, parents should follow the age labels. There are a lot of different fidget spinners out there. Some are made for bigger kids. If the fidget spinner doesn’t have age guidance on its packaging, refrain from purchasing it.

There are also a lot of fakes. Generally fidgets are simple, but the quality of materials can vary greatly. If you want proper quality, you should shop at reputable retailers, the Toy Association says. Also, don’t forget to check the spinner for broken parts.

The Toy Association also has advice for light-up spinners: ‘Avoid giving a child a light-up spinner if it does not also have a locking mechanism on the battery compartment’.

“Fidget spinners are a huge craze right now, sparking debate across the nation about the safety of these products,” said Joan Lawrence, The Toy Association’s ‘Toy Safety Mum’ and SVP of standards and regulatory affairs.

“We encourage parents to always supervise their children, and ensure they are playing with spinners in the way they are intended to be used. A good rule of thumb: if a fidget spinner doesn’t look sturdy or doesn’t have any age or safety labeling, don’t risk it with your child.”

Also note: some researchers now say there are fidget spinners which have too much lead and/or mercury in them. The findings are not yet confirmed by authorities, though. But Tamara Rubin, who used and XRF instrument for analysis says she’s tested 11 fidget spinners and 2 of them had too high levels of lead. This brings us back to the quality of materials used.