Here are some of the most expensive classic toys ever

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Here are some of the most expensive classic toys everSome toys often become more than toys. They become collectors’ items which can be worth a staggering amount of money. Here are some examples of this, as selected by Go Compare and published by The Sun.

Sadly, there aren’t any stuffed animals in the list. But to be honest, that isn’t surprising. Most people buy stuffed animals because they love them and they don’t plan to sell them.

So, the market for classic plushies is smaller than, say, for action figures or vintage LEGO sets. But one of the most expensive toys ever, isn’t really a toy, either.

It’s actually the first edition of Action Comics. It came out in June 1938 and costed 10 cents. Now, that same first edition is worth 2.2 MILLION British Pounds. Wowza. Why so much? Because that was the first comic ever to feature Superman and there are only about 100 issues known to exist.

What about the first ever comic book to feature Batman? That’s the Detective Comics issue 27 from 1939. It now costs 1.28 million Pounds.

OK, those are way too expensive. What about something cheaper? If you have the 1st Edition, Base Set Charizard Pokemon card, then you have 40 970 Pounds in your hand. The Umbreon card will fetch about 7500 Pounds, which isn’t shabby either.

What about video games? The original Mario? Pong? No. The most expensive classic video game is the Stadium Events family fitness game for the NES. It can get you more than 30 000 Pounds.

Next up, the original Barbie. It first came out in 1959. Today one in a good condition can reach up to 17 000 Pounds.

Original Matchbox cars from the 1960s can also get a pretty penny. More than 8000 Pounds in fact. Depending on the model and condition.

If you are a wrestling fan and have the LJN Black Series Macho Man action figure from 1989, you also have more than 7000 Pounds. It’s one of the rarest action figures of Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Finally, some classic LEGOs. The original LEGO sets will cost a lot, but they are also very rare. Not too long ago, in 2007, LEGO released the original collector’s edition of the Millennium Falcon. It was LEGOs largest set at the time with 5195 pieces. Currently it costs more than 3000 Pounds.

This year LEGO released an updated version which is bigger and has 7541 parts. So, in 10 years time, you can be sure it will cost even more. Of course, some of us like to keep our toys as they are more than just an investment. But as investments go, some toys shape up to be pretty wise choices.