Hello Kitty movie is under development

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Hello Kitty movie is under development

Some news that will go well with the millions of fans of Hello Kitty. A new movie focused on the popular character is under development. Prepare for lots of toys and stuffed animals.

The legendary Japanese cat-looking character will be getting its own movie sometime in 2019, the media outlets reported. The feature movie is following the path of the LEGO Movie which was a big success and showed promise for other similar projects.

Little is known about the actual Hello Kitty movie. The plot is still under development, so there aren’t much details. It is possible that the movie will focus on the story of Hello Kitty.

The official story is that the character was born on November 1st in London. She got the name Kitty White. With time though Hello Kitty turned into the way everybody knows her.

The brand was launched in 1974 in Japan. It slowly expanded from the original target group of little girls and turned into an all-age favorite. Naturally the Hello Kitty stuffed animals turned into a big hit. Along with them though there were countless of other merchandise being sold.

Everything from branded pencils to video games, clothes, jewelry, even airplanes. Hello Kitty is a global franchise that recently got a studio in the USA called Sanrio Media & Pictures Entertainment which will handle the selling of the characters and probably have a role in the Hello Kitty movie as well.

While there is still quite some time until the Hello Kitty movie is ready, this doesn’t mean you will have to stay without your Kitty fix. There are still lots of shows and video games being made. And you can also check out how to make your own Hello Kitty stuffed toy. In the mean time, we will be sure to keep an eye out for the progression of the movie development.