Hatchimals’ Spin Masters off the hook for a lawsuit

Hatchimals' Spin Masters off the hook for a lawsuitThe Hatchimals landed its owner Spin Master in a bit of a hot water with some customers. One even filed a lawsuit against the company.

The good news for Spin Masters are that the company is off the hook. Jodie Hejduk was the plaintiff and she has voluntarily withdrawn her lawsuit, ToyNews reports.

“Spin Master’s proactive response was very successful and, to date, they have either responded to all of the outstanding questions or provided replacements, or refunds to consumers,” Mark Geragos, the lawyer who voluntarily withdrew the law suit on behalf of the plaintiff added.

“We applaud Spin Master for the highly effective manner in which they have dealt with their customers. Given these factors, we have decided to voluntarily withdraw our class action.”

It’s now known whether there was an out of court settlement. The reason for the lawsuit? After the Hatchimals launched in October 2016, they become a huge hit. So huge, that the toys sold out for a while. This created a huge backlog and calls at Spin Master’s customer care department. So huge, that the company couldn’t answer them all in due time.

This resulted in angered customers who wanted answers. Spin Master’s subsequent efforts to deal with the backlog received praise from its customers, though. The company was quick to react to the problem and┬ádoubled its customer care team. Also, it added tips, how-to videos and other ways to assist customers. This seems was enough for Hejduk to accept that the company cares and tries its best, so she withdrew the lawsuit.