Hatchimals introduces two new toy lines to its family

Hatchimals introduces two new toy lines to its familyThe Hatchimals introduced two new toy lines to their family. Meet the HatchiMallows and HatchiBabies. All coming to the Hatchtopia world.

The HatchiBabies are small, cuddly plushies. Currently there are three characters – Koalabee, Ponette and Cheetree.

They introduce several changes to the hatching process. “For the first time ever, you could hatch a girl or boy. A secret message reveals the cuddly creature’s gender, and there’s even a birth certificate to fill out. They also each come with hidden, “peel-to-reveal” interactive accessories”, Romper reports.

Each character comes with their own accessories. Cheetree has a rattle, bottle, hairbrush and another cuddle buddy. Kids will have to take care of their hatched friends by feeding them, burping them and more. The HatchiBabies will cost $55 a pop and are already available online and in toy stores. Only Koalabee is exclusive to Walmart.

What about the HatchiMallows? They are soft, squishy toys which capitalize on the squishy toys fad. They are smaller – fitting in your palm and come along with a sugary treat. There are currently three characters – Tigrette, Penguala and Hummingbear. They will be only at Walmart for $8 a pop.