Hasbro will make the biggest Star Wars toy ever

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Hasbro will make the biggest Star Wars toy everThe Star Wars portfolio of toys is about to get bigger. A lot bigger. Hasbro announced it’s going to make Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge from Return of the Jedi. And it’s going to be quite big and quite cool!

The project is also the first funded one through Hasbro’s own crowdfunding platform Haslab. The toy got the backing of over 7000 backers who each paid $500 to get the collector’s barge.

Yes, such a big toy is bound to be a limited edition. Hasbro wanted a minimum of 5000 backers, so the project is more than successful. The toy earned Hasbro more than $3.5 million already.

Hasbro plans to start shipping the first barges in early 2019. Only people who backed the project through HasLab will have it.

This could create an entire new segment of the toy market. Instead of companies trying to figure out what toys to make, they could simply ask their fans. And if a given idea gets enough backing, then they make it.

Jabba’s barge will be quite big. It’s going to be about 49 inches long. One of the sides can be removed to reveal the interior. There will be several rooms, decks and many more features. All ready to accommodate your Star Wars action figures. It’s going to be quite the toy. So, if you’re a fan of Star Wars (and have $500 to spare) you better get it now. Otherwise the aftermarket for these things is going to be even more expensive.