Hasbro will make an immersive Monopoly experience with Selladoor Worldwide

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Hasbro will make an immersive Monopoly experience with Selladoor Worldwide
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / gosheshe

Monopoly is quite the fun board game. But it’s not going to live in the board game world for much longer. Hasbro is going to make it more immersive.

The company is working with Selladoor Worldwide to build an “immersive experience” around Monopoly. This is going to happen in London in 2020, ToyNews reports.

One of the main differences is that the immersive monopoly won’t last hours and hours like the typical board game. It’s going to be 75-minute long and will feature challenges for teams.

Yes, you can go with your friends and play as a team. The goal is to complete challenges to get to move along the “board” and buy property. This is going to be just the start.

If the experience is successful, you can expect more branches opening elsewhere, too. Hasbro and Selladoor are already planning to make other similar experiences for many of the Hasbro properties in the company’s wider portfolio.

“It’s incredibly exciting to finally be announcing our future plans with the team at Selladoor Worldwide. Launching the Monopoly experience in London next year is just the beginning and we’re excited to bring more of our iconic brands to the stage in the future”, Matt Proulx, VP of location based entertainment at Hasbro says.

If all goes well, this could open up whole new market opportunities for both companies. “We’ve been working for over a year with Hasbro on this exciting partnership, developing our concept and vision to bring one of the world’s biggest board game brands to life in this thrilling experiential theatre landscape. Trends in our sector are moving in a very exciting direction with demand from a new generation of theatre goers looking to experience live theatre differently, and to be immersed in the world of the narrative in a different way”, David Hutchinson, CEO, Selladoor Worldwide says.