Hasbro will make a live-action movie for Furby

Hasbro will make a live-action movie for FurbyHasbro will make a live-action movie in which the main star will be Furby. A big Hollywood movie producer is also working on the project.

The producer Bob Weinstein revealed that he is working on the movie. Hasbro bosses Stephen Davis and Josh Feldman also confirmed the project.

Little is known about the Furby movie. Hasbro says that the film will be a hybrid between live-action and CGI.

Furby will make movie history

Most likely Furby and his stuffed animal friends will be CGI, which means they will be Computer Generated Images. There are no details about the plot, who will star in the movie or the release date.

According to Licensing.biz the movie will be a fantasy adventure and will be part of a five movie run by TWC-Dimension. It’s not even known whether there will be five Furby movies or if the rest will feature other popular toys.

Furby is still quite popular. The funky toy debuted in the 1990s, but people still love the furry stuffed animal. Recently a new version of Furby debuted. Furby also made the list of the best toys of all time.