Hasbro will go plastic-free for the packaging of new toys

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Hasbro will go plastic-free for the packaging of new toysHasbro announced a big change in its day-to-day work. The company will start to phase out the use of plastics in the packaging of its toys.

This process will take up to the end of 2022. It will include the end of using plastic bags, elastic bands and shrink wrap used in the packaging of toys.

Some of the actual toys will continue to use plastic. Hasbro also says it’s working and testing new materials which to replace plastic in the toys as well.

So far though, that proves to be quite a challenge. The new materials have to look and work as the current plastic and be safe for kids. It will take some time, but it will eventually find it.

Still, the cutting down of plastics in the toy packaging will also be of big help. The less plastic is used, the better for the environment. And packaging is the first thing people throw away. By having plastic-free packaging, this will mean less of this material in landfills.

Hasbro says it will begin the process from 2020. The company joins other big names in search of alternatives to plastic. LEGO is also working on new materials to find alternative for its colorful bricks.