Hasbro will donate Joy For All Companion Pets to Meals on Wheels

Hasbro will donate Joy For All Companion Pets to Meals on WheelsHasbro is teaming up with charity organization Meals on Wheels. The toy company will donate money and its Joy For All Companion Pets to bring joy to seniors.

Also, Hasbro is planning to donate $100 000 to Meals on Wheels. And, to make lonely seniors happy, it will also donate its special Joy For All Companion Pets stuffed animals. They are developed to help fight senior isolation, ToyNews reports.

“We’re incredibly grateful and proud to be working with Hasbro to address senior isolation in this special way. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver a daily dose of human connection. Now Hasbro is providing its Joy For All Companion Pets which are a high-touch way which will help provide comfort and company to our nation’s most vulnerable seniors”, said Ellie Hollander, president and CEO of Meals on Wheels America.

There are five Meals on Wheels programs across the US which will host events to introduce seniors to Hasbro’s Companions Pets. Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island is kicking off the campaign. Slowly it will expand to more areas.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting Meals on Wheels America in their efforts to reduce senior isolation, loneliness and hunger, while also improving their quality of life. Hasbro’s Joy For All brand shares very similar values with Meals on Wheels. We’re committed to help bring joy, comfort and companionship to elder loved ones with the products we develop”, said Ted Fischer, vice president of the new business group at Hasbro.

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