Hasbro unveils new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line

Hasbro unveils new Guardians of the Galaxy toy lineHasbro and Marvel have unveiled a new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line. It will feature several different toys and masks which will debut in the US.

The toy line will include several types of toys. Among them are action figures, actions masks and blasters.

There is even a special Guardians of the Galaxy Bop It. It will be based on Groot.

Headlining the toy line will two action figures. The main one of them is the 12-inch tall Titan Hero line. They will cost about $9.99.

There will also be a second action figure line – Galaxy Titan Hero Deluxe. For a start it will feature only the Growing Groot which will cost $12.99.

The third main action figure is the Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 Titan Hero Electronic Music Mix Star Lord figure.

The Marvel and Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy toy line also features an action mask collection. It starts with two masks – Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon and will be priced at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Third – blasters. One of them is the Star Lord Elemental Blaster which will feature alongside the Rocket Raccoon Blaster. The entire range will be completed with the Bop It Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition Game, priced at $14.99 and available from March 2017, ToyNews reports.

Sadly, no word on stuffed animals. The range will benefit from some plushies. Hopefully as 2017 progresses, some stuffies will make their way to the Guardians of the Galaxy toy line.