Hasbro unveils new Furby Connect

Hasbro unveils new Furby ConnectFurby Connect can speak more than 1000 phrases and has several sensors on its body to feel and interact with people. It can even hold basic conversations.

This is the new addition to the classic Furby toy line. It is made by Hasbro and combines new technology with classic Furby style.

The result is Furby Connect. It uses Bluetooth so you can connect it with mobile devices. Furby can be used as a portable speaker and will play music and the sound from videos.

New Furby generation

Furby Connect can also speak more than 1,000 phrases. It features multiple sensors on its body and can even ask owners for breakfast or a late night snack. “Every time we evolve the Furby brand, we want to introduce kids to a new way to play,” said Kenny Davis, senior director of global marketing at Hasbro.

“And kids and Furby fans alike told us they wanted a creature they could interact with in more ways”, Davis added. “So we have created the technology infrastructure for Furby Connect with that in mind”.

With Furby Connect, kids can develop a relationship with their Furby while laughing at videos and singing songs together. Even if they don’t quite know the words. It would be like they would do with any other friend, Davis said.

Naturally there will be a free companion mobile app. It is called Furby Connect World and has a virtual world with entertainment content which can be used to enhance the Furby experience. Furby Connect will land at retailers nationwide from autumn 2016.