Hasbro toys overtake LEGO in Amazon UK’s chart, but not in the US

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Hasbro toys overtake LEGO in Amazon UK's chart, but not in the USHasbro is now the number one toy brand in Amazon UK’s chart. It overtook LEGO with more toys making the list. Interestingly, it’s not doing so in the US.

Data from analytics firm Profitero shows that Hasbro has seven products in the UK top 100 list. LEGO has six, but last year it has a whopping 17 sets.

But this doesn’t mean that LEGO is in a slump. A look over the US top 100 chart shows that LEGO is actually now the top toy maker in that list. It has 11 products in the US top 100 toys of Amazon.

Also, one toy leads both lists. Its Cards Against Humanity which lead in the UK and US lists by a lot. Profitero also notes that three out of four consumers read the product reviews on the pages. The more reviews a product has, the more likely is for the consumer to buy them.

In fact, the top three toys in each list have more than five times more reviews than the rest 97 toys combined. It shows that people care about the product and that they are invested enough to leave a review. The more reviews – the more popular it is, hence it’s even more likely to attract attention.

Several stuffed animals also make both lists. Sadly, they don’t lead it yet, but with new interactive toys coming, that may change in the coming months.