Hasbro shows off new Rogue One AT-ACT which walks and shoots

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Hasbro shows off new Rogue One AT-ACT which walks and shootsThe AT–AT is one of Star Wars’ most famous creations. The Rogue One spin-off will also have its own touch on the famous giant. It’s called AT-ACT.

Even before the movie is in the cinemas, the toys are ready. Hasbro showed off its new AT-ACT toy which is quite impressive.

The toy has a lot of features and can walks and even shoot. But that’s not all!

You can connect to the AT-ACT via a smartphone app. From it you can make the toy walk, move its head, make sounds and shoot.

there is also a removable cargo bay. Included in the set are three action figures. They feature the R2-B2, Jyn Erso and an Imperial AT-ACT driver. The figures are 3-3/4″ tall.

The Hasbro AT-ACT will ship from December 2016. The price is steep: $299.99. But for so many features and such a huge toy, it’s not surprising. And it’s still going to be a big hit among Star Wars fans.