Hasbro launches new animated digital series with toys

Hasbro launches new animated digital series with toysHasbro is launching a new animated digital series. Its called Hanazuki and will be on YouTube. It will also come along with real life toys.

Yes, this is the new reality. If years ago a show had to be on TV to hope to gain enough popularity, today that’s not needed.

Now all you have to do is get enough views on the Internet and you can create a huge brand. This is exactly what Hasbro is going for with the Hanazuki.

The company calls it “a franchise brand in the making”. The first episode is called Hanazuki Full of Treasures and it’s already on YouTube and YouTube Kids. Hasbro is quite confident in the success of the new series as the toys are coming.

The series follows the adventures of Hanazuki, a moonflower who finds herself at the center of a galaxy filled with adventure and new friends, ToyNews reports. The Hanazuki brand is inspired by character creations originating in Amsterdam. Its storyline is focused on the power of embracing emotions, no matter what your mood.

The series will feature 27 11-minute animated episodes released throughout the year, timed to the full moons. The toys and apparel will follow soon.