Hasbro launches a “Stay at home” range of toys and products

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Hasbro launches a "Stay at home" range of toys and products
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / gosheshe

Hasbro says there’s a huge demand for toys and games during the outbreak and it plans to capitalize on this. It’s preparing a “Stay at home” line of toys, CNBC reports.

Hasbro’s CEO Brian Goldner says that the supply chains are “up and running” in China as that country is now at the tail end of the outbreak. Meanwhile there’s been a big surge in demand for board games, Play-Doh, and other similar toys.

As a result, Hasbro is working on the new line of “stay at home” products. So far, the company is keeping most of its ideas a secret. Goldner does say this:

“This week we’ll launch a programme called Bring Home the Fun, trying to give parents and caregivers the resources they need to keep kids occupied to help them get educated and keep creativity going on.”

The exact toys and products aren’t known. We’d guess that’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Obviously board games will take the top spot as Goldner says demand for Monopoly and Operation has been quite high.

We’d also expect a few other items and hopefully some stuffed animals and other plushiess, too. After all they are great for hugging and bringing a smile to you, even when you’re stuck at home.