Hasbro is planning more movies based on its popular toy brands

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Hasbro is planning more movies based on its popular toy brandsMovies which use toys as main characters or the main story are quite popular. So popular that Hasbro is working with Entertainment One for more movies.

According to Deadline Entertainment One is currently “figuring out which of Hasbro’s brands to bring to life”. Hasbro is like a “treasure chest” of ideas.

“We’re just wrapping our arms around it and we’re excited to begin,” Mansfield told Deadline. “We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing and we have this great treasure chest of IP and worlds to bring to life.”

Some of the obvious choices are Dungeons & Dragons, GI Joe, Power Rangers, Action Man, Furby, and Transformers. And this doesn’t mean that we could see only toy or kid-related movies.

“Drama is a huge part of eOne’s business and Hasbro bought the business not to shrink it, but expand it. If anything, eOne is now supported by a very complementary business. We will support Hasbro’s in-house IP and now find ways of bringing that to screen internally. Hasbro wants eOne to thrive, and from a distribution point of view, they want us to be the portal through which we can take that content to the world. Even if it’s a kids’ brand, it could be integrated into a cross-generational family offering. Hasbro is a family business but there is a lot there that isn’t just in the kids’ space”, Noel Hedges, executive VP of acquisitions for eOne says to Variety.