Hasbro introduces several Baby Yoda toys, including plush

Hasbro introduces several Baby Yoda toys, including plushThe wave of Baby Yoda toys continues with another splash. This one is from Hasbro and comes with four new Baby Yoda toys, including a plush one.

The bad news first – you won’t be able to get them for this Christmas. Instead, the toys will make their way to the stores during the Spring of 2020.

Around that time Mattel will also release its initial Baby Yoda toys. Hasbro’s first wave features several ideas.

Among them is a 7-inch tall plush Baby Yoda. And it’s a talking one, too. It makes 10 different noises when you squeeze the belly. And it also comes with a frog for when Baby Yoda gets hungry. This toy will cost $25.

Hasbro will also offer a Baby Yoda action figure. It will be from the Black Series line and it will cost $10.

There are more action figures coming, too. This one is 6.5 inches tall and has multiple articulation points, so you can pose him in various ways. It costs $20.

Hasbro will also have a 2.2-inch tall Baby Yoda collectibles. They will come in two-packs for $16. Each collectible features Baby Yoda in a different, funny or interesting pose. There are six figures in the collectibles line for the start.