Hasbro and Nintendo unveiled a special Monopoly Gamer edition with Mario

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Hasbro and Nintendo unveiled a special Monopoly Gamer edition with MarioWe love the occasional board game. And Monopoly is one of our favorites. Hasbro and Nintendo have teamed up for a special Monopoly Gamer edition with Mario.

Well, yes. If it comes from Nintendo, you can be sure Mario will be involved in some way.

And the Monopoly Gamer Edition has Mario and several of his friends and foes. The board game also has a special spin to some of the rules.

Players can choose to be one of several games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Yoshi. Yes, that’s right – Luigi once again gets the boot.

Instead of properties, players race around “levels”. The money are changed to “coins”. You can also have special powers in order to take more coins from other players or battle legendary bosses.

“The Monopoly Gamer Edition game combines the world of Nintendo with the physical, face-to-face world of the Monopoly game. By giving Monopoly tokens unique abilities and adding game-play elements such as the Power-up die, we are offering fans an exciting new way to engage with two of their favorite gaming brands”, Hasbro Gaming senior vice president of global marketing Jonathan Berkowitz says.

This is the first time in Monopoly’s history where each character has unique features and abilities. This add a whole new perspective to the game. For example, landing on the Super Star board space will activate Princess Peach’s Super Star ability to collect rent from the bank. Players can also activate a special Power-up boost by rolling the Power-up die, Toy & Hobby retailer reports.

“The Monopoly brand has been a staple in the gaming aisle for more than 80 years, and we’re excited to give Mario, Yoshi and other characters the chance to ‘Pass GO’ and bring their powers to life in Monopoly Gamer Edition game. This collaboration is the latest example of Nintendo’s efforts to give fans a variety of fun and surprising ways to interact with their favorite Super Mario characters,” Nintendo of America senior VP of strategic initiatives Tom Prata says.

The Monopoly Gamer Edition is already making its ways toward toy stores in the US. So, keep your eyes peeled.