Happy World Dog Day!

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Happy World Dog Day!On August 26th the world celebrates the World Dog Day! It is a day dedicated to man’s best friend. Although you should love dogs and animals all the time.

Still, World Dog Day is a nice way to remind ourselves that dogs and other animals need love and care all the time. It is also a great way to show even more appreciation to our four-legged friends.

Often World Dog Day is celebrated by extra initiatives and events. Amongst them is to adopt a dog from a shelter, donate to animal hospitals and charity organizations. Stuffed animals are also a fun way to incorporate into the festivities of World Dog Day.

Some dogs love stuffed animals as much as us humans. They often play with them or even cuddle with them. Other times stuffed animals can be used to raise furhter awareness or the proceeds of a toy drive can be donated for charity.

The organization Health for Animals has set up an interactive infographic that shows some of the real world benefits dogs bring to people all over the globe. You can check it out here.

But before you do that, take some time to check out the story of El Keegan. In 2009 she was diagnosed with depression while in her final year at college. She says that the routine her two dogs require has helped her to cope with her symptoms.”The dogs keep me active as they have to be walked, fed and looked after every day, so they give a purpose to my days. I could be deep in my own thoughts and feeling really low and then I’ll have the dogs running around and looking up at me and I just can’t stay in it. They get me out of my head – it’s amazing”, she says to the Independent.

Although El says that depression will always be a part of her life, her dogs have ensured she experiences moments of happiness every day. “When I wake up in the morning they are there to greet me and when I come home, there is this massive celebration, even if I have just gone to the shops for five minutes. It’s the most uplifting feeling. It’s not that my depression is gone or cured but they help me to carry on and give me these lovely high points each day. Getting them was the best thing I have ever done and I couldn’t imagine life without them”, she adds.

So be sure to take some time and show your own dog some extra love today. Happy World Dog Day!