Happy New Year from Stuffed Party 2018 Edition!

Happy New Year from Stuffed Party 2018 Edition!It’s with great pleasure for us that we can tell you for the 4th time: Happy New Year! Who would have thought that when we started our blog and site StuffedParty.com we would have the honor to find so many likeminded people. Well, we did. We knew you are out there.

Because we know how powerful stuffed animals, teddy bears and plush toys in general are. These toys are magical. They are such a big part of the childhood and growing up of so many people for decades.

They are also probably the longest lasting and most favorite toys of many people. So, we knew that people would love to read about them and share their passion. This is why we created StuffedParty.com. We were right.

Our humble site enters its 4th year. 2017 was a year with lots ups and downs. Lots of things changed, but then again, you could and can and will say for pretty much every year. It’s just how life goes. Things change.

Few things remain constant. One of them is the love for stuffed animals. We love plushies, you love plushies. Everyone does, even if not everyone admits.

So, let’s make 2018 the year where we, fans of stuffed animals, grow in numbers. The year when we all have even more people to share our passion with. For that to happen, first we all have to be healthy.

So, we wish you lots of health during the new year. And what goes best with health? Smiles. So, we wish you lots of smiles in the new year, too. And also, to achieve your goals or at the very least get closer to them.

And what does go best with all of this? Your plush friends, of course. They will always be by your side. They will be there to bring you a smile in tough moments. And they will also be there for the happy moments. So, Happy New Year and stay tuned with StuffedParty.com for great stuff from the worlds of toys and stuffed animals.