Happy New Year and Decade from StuffedParty!

Happy New Year and Decade from StuffedParty!StuffedParty wants to wish you a Happy New Year and a successful new decade! It’s 2020 and it’s a double celebration for everyone!

As we said our goodbyes with 2019, we also waved goodbye to a whole decade. The 2010s decade will stay in our hearts as the start of our humble site.

The 2010s were also the times for big events. So many movies, record-setting toys like the Hatchimals, fidget spinners, LOL Surprise, etc.

We also saw some historic events like the demise of Toys R Us, followed by… the return of Toys R Us. The 2010s were definitely very dynamic.

But it seems they will be modes compared to the 2020s. There’s so much on the table for this new decade. People expect big changes in lots of areas of life, technology and so on. Naturally, this will reflect the toy industry, as well. Lots of new technologies, sustainability and so much more stuff will drive the toy world.

And, hopefully, we will all be along for the ride. StuffedParty will continue to try and bring you the most interesting toy related news with a main focus on stuffed animals, plushies and other similar toys. Thank you for being part of our journey so far! And we hope to continue to see you in the new decade! Happy New Year and happy new decade!