Happy National Dog Day

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Happy National Dog DayHappy National Dog Day to everyone who like dogs. And to our pooches of course. Are you planing on something special to celebrate the occasion? Don’t forget your stuffed animals as well.

Yes, your stuffed toys can also helo making the day that much more special. One of the easier ways to do that is to simply gift a stuffie to your dog. If he or she likes those toys of course. I know my little bear doesn’t pay much attention to them…

Stuffed animals on National Dog Day

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t include soft toys into the activities. For example you may not have a real dog, but you can still like them. Or your child has a stuffed dog as a way to get used to the thought of having a pet.

A day like National Dog Day is a great way to teach a child about the importance of keeping good care for a real pet. You can use a stuffed toy to help raise awareness for stray dogs, include them in charity events and etc.

You can also organize a teddy bear picnic and donate the proceeds to animal shelters. Also you can adopt a dog from a shelter if you have that opportunity to take good care of him/her.

Also spend the day to remind yourself why you got a dog and try to spend more time with your furry best friend more often. They need love just as much as your favorite teddy bear. Maybe even that little bit more.

Another good thing to do on National Dog Day is to check your home and make sure it’s safe for the dog and there are no protruding nails or other dangerous items around.

In the end you can get your dog and your favorite stuffed animals and take a few pictures of them together and with you of course, having a blast with your best friends. Happy National Dog Day!