Hamleys will open one of the world’s biggest toy stores in Prague

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Hamleys will open one of the world's biggest toy stores in Prague
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Sheep purple

Hamleys is working hard on its latest toy store. It is going to be located in Prague and it is going to be one of the largest ever in the world… just imagine how many stuffed animals there would be…

ToyNews is reporting that Hamleys is eyeing the first half of next year for the grand opening of the new store. It will be located in the center of Prague in a renovated shopping and administrative building.

The new store will cover a whopping 6130 square meters. That would make it almost the size of a football (soccer for the US audience) pitch.

Hamleys is determined to use all of this space to get the top quality toys, Pavel Cmelik of Inexad, licence holder for Hamleys in the Central European region says to ToyNews. “It will not be a common toy shop to which Czech customers have been used to so far. Along with Hamleys, certain revolution is coming to the market”, he adds.

The company is expecting to see a similar number of visitors for the Prague store as are the ones for the London store. “For Prague it will mean not only an influx of tourists, but also a notable rise of prestige of the main pedestrian precinct in the centre of the city,” said Lordship head, Vaclav Matousek.

It is definitely going to a very interesting place to visit. Having had the pleasure of taking a stroll through the London Hamleys store we still remember the whole floors dedicated just to plush animals and soft toys. Imagine an even bigger store… it will be a true stuffed safari going there.