Hamleys reveals its top 12 toys for Christmas in the UK

Hamleys reveals its top 12 toys for Christmas in the UKChristmas is approaching faster and faster. Parents search for cool toy gift ideas. UK’s Hamleys toy store has a selection of 12 top toys for Christmas.

“We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this year in some of our toy categories we are also seeing an antidote to the highly polished perfectionism portrayed in many social media channels,” said Victoria Kay, head buyer at Hamleys, to Huffington Post.

The list features something for everyone. While there are 12 toys, they aren’t ranked in a particular order.

So, here are the top 12 toys for Christmas according to Hamleys

Ty Flippables. They are basically Beanie Babies in sequin. This allows them to change color.

Gravitrax. A cool STEM focused playset to build tracks for marbles.

LOL Surprise. Of course. They are plenty popular and that’s going to continue for a while.

Elasti Plasti. Basically – slime, but it’s not sticky.

Crate Creatures. It’s a cute stuffed animal which is trapped in a crate. You can release it and have a new friend.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. Build your own Harry Potter train and train station.

Hairdorables. Collectible dolls along with a scene-setting box and several scenarios.

Paddington Bear. A Hamleys special edition of the furry bear.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition. This edition actually allows you to cheat… if you don’t get caught…

Nerf Laser Ops. New Nerf, new hype.

Peppa Pig Castle and Royal Guard Plush. A cute plush version of the equally cute UK TV character.

Boxer Robot. A mini robot which reacts to the world and you can control it, play games and act on activity cars you spread around.