Hamleys’ Christmas Toy Parade gathered 800 000 people in London

Hamleys' Christmas Toy Parade gathered 800 000 people in LondonHamleys once again held a yearly Christmas Toy Parade in London. This year Regent Street gathered more than 800 000 people to watch the event.

It was once again the largest single gathering of toy characters in the world. And this year the parade featured more than 300 popular characters, entertainers, elves, bands and etc.

The Hamleys Toy Parade also had several special guests this year. Among them were Wacky Races, Scooby Doo, Fireman Sam and others. There was also a special appearance by Santa himself.

Hamleys Christmas Toy Parade 2017

Most of the characters came in the form of huge balloons. But there were also real cars made after the Wacky Racers. Scooby’s Mystery Machine was also quite real with a new, modern van. There was also a quite big Transformer’s truck. It didn’t “transform” but it still looked great.

Toy firms and staples like Cartoon Network also had their own special booths. There visitors could see more characters and minievents. You can check the parade out in Mirror’s huge gallery.

The event was sure great. And we already look forward to the parade next year. But before that, there’s a lot more cool stuff coming. You know, like Christmas.