GUND unveils its new Line Friends stuffed animals

GUND unveils its new Line Friends stuffed animalsGUND added some new stuffed animals to its lineup. Now the company introduced the new Line Friends which started their lives as stickers in the LINE app.

Yep, the digital world is full of so many popular things these days. Even virtual stickers in a chat app can become real-life characters.

This is exactly what happens with the Line Friends… line. The new plush collection features Brown, Choco, Cony, and Sally. All of them are among the most popular stickers in the Line app.

But wait, there’s more. Those plushies are just the start. The full collection includes 15 items. Among them is also a 23-inch tall version of Brown and several blind boxes called “A Day of Friends”.

“GUND is an iconic brand, known for creating quality, premium plush for over a century,” says Lauren Duchene, vice president of marketing for GUND to ToyBook. “Our trusted legacy combined with the hugely successful Line Friends brand creates the ultimate collaboration to bring these unforgettable characters into the arms of the ever-growing millennial fan base.”

The plushies are already making their way to stores and online.