Gund launches a new Star Trek line of stuffed animals

Gund launches a new Star Trek line of stuffed animalsToy maker Gund has something new for all the Sci-Fi fans out there. A new line of Star Trek: The Original Series stuffed animals which is debuting now.

The range features several of the franchise’s most popular characters in plush animal form. For example Captain Kirk is represented by a Lion.

At the same time, Dr. Dones is a dog. And Lieutenant Commander Spock? Well, he is a cat! Other characters include Lt. Uhura as a teddy bear and Scotty as a monkey. Each stuffed animal is dressed in the Starfleet attire which closely resembles the original attire from Star Trek.

“This is the perfect time to launch Gund’s Star Trek collection as the franchise prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first TV episode. By combining over a hundred years of plush expertise with Star Trek, Gund looks forward to bringing these soft, huggable products to fans of all ages”, says Shallu Chhabra, Gund’s director of licensing.

The new line of Star Trek stuffed animals by Gund should be in the stores this coming spring.