Greenbleez makes stuffed animals from recycled sweaters

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Greenbleez makes stuffed animals from recycled sweaters
Image credit: Greenbleez

Here’s a nifty way to be green and help out the environment. A company called Greenbleez is using recycled sweaters to create huggable stuffed animals.

Currently Gleenbleez is using the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise 15 000 dollars in order to finalize the last bits of setting the company up and start making the toys. The toys are made by had by Margee Barth who is a designer. She pucks fabric from thrift stores and textile manufacturers that would be throwing their left over materials out.

“The main mission of Greenbleez is providing outstanding products that contribute to reducing post-consumer waste. It is also important that each one expressed individuality while bringing back the high quality of American made craftsmanship. The marketplace is ready for eco-conscious gifts and here’s our solution!”, Margee writes on Indiegogo.

Barth created her first stuffed animal about three years ago, when her boyfriend was about to go into surgery for an organ transplant. “I asked him what he would like while he was in the hospital recovering from the transplant. He said that he would love a dog. A blue dog. That became Greenbleez”, Barth says to the PhillyVoice.

Over these three years the line has grown quite a bit. It has an online store and two Philly-area physical stores. Now it needs licensing and copyright protection which is the main goal of the Indiegogo campaign. If these goals are reached, Greenbleez will be able to continue to expand.

“I’m now in the toy industry, which is highly litigious. If I don’t have everything protected, the design will be knocked-off,” says Barth. Barth also makes baby clothes and teaches recycling workshops for kids. One of the perks for Indiegogo contributors is a personalized recycled-art lesson. Other perks are Greenbleez stuffed animals like Blue Roo the dog, Redd Foxxy and the loveable Ellie~fant.

Since all of Greenbleez toys are made by hand, they are all unique. Each new stuffed animal has different features, different colors and materials.