Golden Bell prepares the first stuffed animal of Roux the Cat

Golden Bell prepares the first stuffed animal of Roux the CatLil Bunny Sue Roux is a house cat from new Orleans. She was born without two front paws but this doesn’t stop her to enjoy life to the fullest. Now Golden Bell is almost ready with the first stuffed animal which is made after Roux.

Roux is not allowing her disability to slow her down. She has found how to hop on her hind legs and has become very popular on Instagram with over 400 000 followers.

Roux is an inspiration to face adversity. She doesn’t even realize something is wrong. She’s hopping along around the house and enjoys everything other cats do… Plus a little bit more attention.

The stuffed Roux the Cat is 10 inches tall. The toy is very huggable and ideal for bedtime. Golden Bell has made the toy from the finest materials and Roux is very soft and cuddly.

The team behind Stuffimals is excited to collaborate with Roux and her owners. Jackie and her husband Curtis fell in love with the cat immediately. Upon first meeting her, Jackie noted: “We knew that we could provide her a loving forever home, especially when we found out she was surrendered to a shelter by her previous owner. She doesn’t let anything get in her way and that truly serves as an inspiration to those who may face obstacles in life. ”As you can see, Roux has an awesome, happy home life and continues to take on every challenge that comes her way”. Jackie added.

The stuffed animal of Roux the cat is already out, in time for the National Cat Day which is this Saturday. She’s on Instagram, too.