Golden Bear introduces a Dinosaur Roar range of stuffed animals

Golden Bear introduces a Dinosaur Roar range of stuffed animalsGolden Bear introduced a new line of Dinosaur Roar stuffed animals. The new toys made their debut during the 2018 London Toy Fair and will feature sound modules, ToyNews reports.

The cute Golden Bear Dinosaur Roar plush toys will represent several favorite characters. Among them are Munch, Stomp and Boo.

Each of them will have their own individual sounds. And there’s more. The line will also feature a large plush called Roaring Dinosaur Roar.

This one will have a loud roar when squeezed. While the main audience for the toys are kids two to five year old, Golden Bear expect a lot of people to love the toys. Owned by kids’ media company Nurture Rights and created by Peter Curtis, The World of Dinosaur Roar! teaches pre-schoolers about dinosaurs with fun and engaging stories through books and licensed merchandise produced in association with the Natural History Museum, ToyNews adds.

All toys also carry the National History Museum logo. This way they help raise money and awareness for the museum. “The stars of this educational and entertaining new property are fun, beautifully drawn and full of character – absolutely perfect for children’s plush,” said Golden Bear. “They certainly turned heads at Toy Fair!”

“The Dinosaur Roar plush range is great fun and looks fantastic,” says Bulldog MD Rob Corney. “There was a hugely positive reaction at Toy Fair from everyone who saw it and I’m certain it’s going to be a massive seller when it hits retail.” As for when will this happen, expect the toys in the stores later this year.