Golden Bear debuts new Sleep Tight All Night line of stuffed animals

Golden Bear debuts new Sleep Tight All Night line of stuffed animalsGolden Bear has debuted a new Sleep Tight All Night line of stuffed animals. Among them are Night Garden’s Igglepiggle and many other characters.

Golden Bear plans to grow the sleep aid range to appeal to all audiences. The collection features non-licensed characters including Teddy, Puppy and Unicorn. There are also licensed characters like Igglepiggle and others.

The full range will be in the stores this fall. Even so, Golden Bear is so confident in the success of the new Sleep Tight All Night line, that the company is already planning new additions to the line for 2017.

“We have been delighted with the response of nursery buyers who see the product filling a gap in the sleeping aid market. We believe that Sleep Tight All Night will be every parent’s dream when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and retailers that communicate that to their customers will do exceptionally well with it,” said Christine Nicholls, vice chairman and director of product development at Golden Bear to ToyNews.

Nicholls says there has been a “phenomenal response” to the toy line when it was first introduced during several tradeshows.

“The beauty of Sleep Tight All Night is that it is a versatile four-in-one product that not only helps aid better sleep for children, but can also be played with as a comforting, huggable toy,” explained Nicholls.

The toys have several special features developed to aid sleep. “The soft glowing red light and range of five soothing sounds helps children drift off to sleep and the same features can be activated in the middle of the night by the child, giving the toy a gentle squeeze of the tummy, teaching them it’s still time to stay in bed. When the tummy is squeezed after the pre-set time is reached, the toy will glow green for time to get up”, Nicolls said.

The range launches with Teddy, Puppy and Unicorn leading the line-up, each carrying a £29.99 price tag, and will be followed with an official In the Night Garden Igglepiggle Sleep Tight All Night, priced at £34.99.