GoBone helps you save your stuffed animals from your dog

GoBone helps you save your stuffed animals from your dogYour dog loves to play and chew with your stuffed animals? Now you can try to save them with the help of the new smart toy for dogs called GoBone.

GoBone is an interactive smart toy created specially for dogs. It can roll, spin and make sounds. You can use it to play together with your dog or give it to him or her when you are not home, so they have something to do beside eating your stuffed animals.

The smart bone comes with a companion mobile app. It allows the owner to play with the dog (when they are together) and there are several different games to choose. Among them are classics like fetch and hide-and-seek.

Naturally, the dog’s teeth will wear the exterior of GoBone. This is not a problem, as GoBone is designed to allow for an easy replacement of the outer shell. There is an internal battery which provides the energy for the smart functions of GoBone. It can last about eight hours with a single charge and it is rechargeable.

The new smart toy project is made by PulsePet. They started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter a couple of days ago. Their goal is an ambitious $60 000, but they have already raised more than $22 000. With 29 days left of the campaign, things are looking up.

According to PulsePet, GoBone will help the dog exercising. The smart toy also has a special Bonding Mode which helps you make sure your dog will like GoBone. The toy can even adjust its behavior and reactions in according with your dog’s age, weight, breed and even play style. There is even a tray to add food treats if the dog is used to such awards from you.

GoBone is expected to be ready and shipping to the first users by December 2016. It will cost about $220 so it is not cheap. You can get it on Kickstarter during the campaign with hefty discounts though. Your stuffed animals will be thankful.