A glowing teddy bear also makes the Christmas wish list

A glowing teddy bear also makes the Christmas wish listStuffed animals once again will be among the top Christmas wishes for gifts. The toy company and retailer Tobar expects a glowing teddy bear to make the cut.

The Blushing Night Bear Light will be one of the top toys for Christmas 2016. At least according to the company which expects the teddy bear to be a headliner for it.

The Blushing Night Bear Light features a soft glow which should help kids fall to sleep easier. It will also be their guardian during the night. Kids who are afraid of the dark will also feel safer with a glowing teddy bear on their side.

Other toys making the list are the Snugglesaurus plush and the Giggle Balls. The latter are coming to life when kids squeeze their hands. Hand puppets and the snorting plush pig are other Tobar toys making the Christmas 2016 wish list.

Other companies have also posted their Christmas toy lists. One of them is Amazon. Furby headlines this list. Also Argos has published its expectations for the best toys. LEGO, too. And all of this is well before the Fall 2016 wave of toys has been unleased. So, expect a lot more cool toys to make their ways to the stores just in time for the big holiday shopping.